How To Make Picrew, Picrew English And Picrew Me

If you are using TikTok these days, you have probably seen influencers posting videos about Picrew and we have to say, some of the avatars people are making through picrew maker are just amazing. 

We know you want to jump on the trend too, which is why we are here to help you out in that.

Below, we are going to list down everything you need to know about Picrew so you can make the best avatar for yourself and upload it on various social media platforms. 

What Is Picrew? 

Picrew is a layered paper-doll style avatar maker website that was developed by 2 developers working at TetraChroma Inc, a Japanese company. The website started development in July 2017 and was officially released in December 2018. Picrew went viral on the internet after a TikTok trend, where users played with avatars. The website is visited to create avatars, which is then used on TikTok. 

Basically, this website allows you to create anime like avatars without any charges. 

Is Picrew Available In English?

One of the most asked questions that people have about the website is if it is available in English and the answer is yes. 

If you are using Google Chrome to make use of the website, you can access Picrew English by simply hitting the translator button that would appear on the top part of your screen. Once you hit the button,tThe page will automatically be translated into English.

How To Make Picrew Avatar For TikTok? 

First step: The first thing that you need to do in order to make a Picrew avatar for TikTok is to open your browser. Remember, you can use your desktop, laptop, phone and even tablet to make an avatar on Picrew.

Second step: Go to or you can just click here

Third step: Once you arrive on the website, you will have the option to choose from English or Japanese. 

Tip: Go with a language that you can understand so you can make the avatar making part easy. 

Fourth step: Start designing. 

Fifth step: The last thing that you need to do is hit the complete button and download the image once it’s done! 

The avatar should look something like this:

Is Picrew Safe? 

Yes, Picrew is 100 percent safe. 

The website gives you the option to anonymously create an Avatar for the famous TikTok trend or for your own fun during your free time. 

In case you do want to register with their website, you can do so by using your Facebook account, where you would have to link it with 

Is Picrew Free? 

The best thing about is that it is completely free.

You can use the website to make yourself, your own imaginary characters, or anything that comes up in your mind without having to pay a single penny. 

All you have to do is visit their website and make an avatar of your choice! 

How To Use Picrew Avatar To Make TikTok Video? 

Here are some of the things that you would need to do so you can use your Picrew Avatar to make a TikTok video: 

Step one: After making your avatar on, you want to open your TikTok application. 

Note: You would have to use your phone or tablet for this one. We do urge you to avoid using the website version of TikTok. 

Step two: After opening the TikTok application on your phone, you want to record your video, which you can by simply hitting the record button.

Step three: Once you release the record button, tap the effects icon and look for the icon with the sun and download arrow. You can find this one in the Trending tab. 

Note: This one is the green screen background, which means you can do anything with this effect. 

Step four: Select the image that you want to use.

Step five: Record until you’re done.

Step six: Add final touches such as text, effects, and sound effects on the video. 

Step 7: Once everything is done you want to download the video or post it on TikTok. 

Did we miss out on anything about Picrew? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!


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