How To Choose The Durable Clothes Drying Rack


Since a very long time we have been using ropes for hanging and air drying wet clothes. It is time to embrace evolution but with some effective ways. Clothes drying rack is a boon for all those who are fed up with facing problems like space limitations, inconvenience, time constraints and much more. The drying rack for clothes is one stop solution for all day to day problems of women. But there are a few things that should be considered to ensure faster drying and minimal space utilisation from your clothes drying rack.

Faster Drying

There is no need to mention how fast a drying rack dries wet clothes. Instead of using a dryer, you get air dried clothes by using the best clothes drying rack. Air drying is generally time consuming. It takes several hours for clothes to dry off completely in the air. But when you go for a drying rack, it is not the case. Racks are one of the most effective remedies to dry clothes. Also, it is a sustainable alternative to traditional drying that makes the whole process easy and less time consuming.

Minimal Space Utilisation

When you live in compact homes, air drying laundry becomes a massive challenge. There is no major space to hang the clothes and this way clothes drying becomes more of a question. With space constraints, it is impossible to use bulky clothes drying stands. Hence go for clothes drying racks for small spaces and get done with your wet clothes. They are such space saving options that do not hamper any of your extra space. An efficient and small drying rack might come with a pulley system. This way everyone’s clothes can be easily dried at the same time by utilising minimal space.

Less Clutter

Another consideration that should be noticed while buying clothes drying rack is its mechanism. There are days when you are forced to dry clothes inside the house. Mainly during monsoon or if you have no space, you can do nothing but dry clothes inside the house. Well, this means your dining table chairs and stools will soon turn into impromptu clothes drying racks. This makes the house messy and loses its appeal. In such cases you can go for wall mounted racks and make your room look well organised. Wall racks are mostly robust and foldable. They are designed to carry heavy loads and enable you to keep your house clutter free.


Get a rack from one of the most popular brands, Urban Home Living and get off from all the mess. They have efficient clothes drying racks for both floor and wall. Depending on your needs and preferences you can easily dry a large number of clothes in an extremely convenient and time savvy way.

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