Is Your Honey Pure or Adulterated

Honey is a great substitute for refined sugar which is a source of empty calories. Be it a honey online store or a physical store, you still need to check out the honey is right or not. This tasty ingredient made by nature can not just sweeten life but it is abundant in materials, living enzymes, and nutrients. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of using honey, one must consider the purity of the same before purchasing. 

The greatest issue of honey is its quality. It can be a huge challenge for finding pure and good honey. In a lot of different food commodities, adulteration is quite basic. It is easier to cheat as commercial honey is mixed up with the glucose solution, corn syrup with high fructose, and various other ingredients that you might not be aware of. Some of the times, when you open up the jar of hone and hear a little “pop” sound that gives a signal of honey being adulterated as some kind of fermentation procedure is undertaken inside it. The best organic honey comes from the bees and not the factories.

Also, a good starting point is written in the ingredients label. Always check out for words, like natural, raw, organic, or forest honey, as it is safer than the regular honey. As the food regulations remain dodgy, no one is ever sure and this is not a foolproof measure. So, you can conveniently tell the difference between fake and real honey. For knowing the truth, test the honey at home. Below here are some of the simplest tricks for checking the purity and ways to spot out the bad honey. 

Thumb Testing 

Keep a small quantity of honey on the thumb and check if it spills or spreads around any other form of liquid. If it does not, then for sure it will not be pure. Pure multi flower honey is thick and the impure honey is runny. Pure honey stuck to the surface and is applied to and does not drip away. Also, the taste of impure honey may not linger because of the presence of added sugar.   

Water Testing 

Take a teaspoon of honey and add in a glass of water. The fake or adulterated honey can dissolve in the water while the pure honey which is a more dense texture can settle at the bottom of the glass as lumps. Similar is the thing with blotting paper or a white colored cloth. If you are pouring organic honey on the two, then it will not absorb or leave stains. 

Flame Testing 

You might be unaware of it, however, pure honey is inflammable. Even though, we will tell you to observe caution during the performance of the test and try the same at your own risk. Take a dry matchstick and dip it into honey. Strike the matchstick at the matchbox. If there are lights, then the honey is pure. If it does not light, it might be adulterated and might contain some quantity of moisture addition during contamination. 

Even if you find honey for sale online, then make sure to undertake its testing after purchasing!

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