Girlfriend and Boyfriend For Rent, a Popular Trend in Asia

Nowadays, single men pressed by their families to bring their girlfriends home prefer to rent total strangers to appease their relatives and take a break from social pressure regarding their status. Single men have it tough in China, a country where most parents’ first priority is to see their children settled down with the right person. In recent years, Chinese single men have been looking for temporary solutions, and this led to the creation of a new niche, called rent-a-girlfriend service. 

They go online, access Taobao, an online shopping website similar to eBay and Amazon, and choose between the different girls offering this unusual service. To meet the requests of their customers, online sellers post pictures of themselves and, after confirmation, they usually see clients and go over the details that will make them look like a real couple in front of their families. 

Girlfriend rentals costs between 31 to 160 dollars, depending on services offered. Some girls provide special services, like buying groceries, cooking, playing live bet online and keeping company to elderly relatives. Two things none of the online sellers usually agree to are kissing and making love.

Girlfriend renting services are relatively new in China and they are rapidly gaining popularity. While in some people minds girlfriend rentals creates a chance of finding a person to fall in love with, sociologist warn against such practices that could pose safety issues.

A similar phenomenon is getting a foothold in France, where the girlfriend-renting concept has been implemented in the form of a website that allows clients to rent a female partner, for a fee. French site allows male visitors to legally rent a female companion, for an hour, a night or even a weekend. This isn’t actually considered as prostitution. Men can rent a female friend for anywhere between 20 and 540 dollars. 

Boyfriend renting services

Single men are provided with plenty of ways to find sweet respite from the isolation of everyday life, but what about ladies? Women get lonely too, so it seems discriminating that such services would only be available to men. In Japan, where there is an array of companionship services for men to blow large amounts of cash on, it’s only fair that, among consenting adults, women would have boyfriend rental services available to them.

Opened in 2011, Soine-ya Prime is a dispatch service where women can hire a handsome young man to lay with them in bed for a night. Soine-ya Prime believes that there are some nights when women desire the warmth of another human beside them to the point that they would be willing to pay a complete stranger to do it. The service does not include any sexual services to clients. This is not prostitution. This has more to do with company and the feeling of warmth and comfort you get with someone.

If you hire a boyfriend at Soine-ya Prime, you can sleep in his arms, go out for a date with him and eat together at a restaurant. You are not allowed to touch his private parts, reach under his clothes and take a shower or bath together. You can’t even kiss him. Anything that would sexually arouse your rental boyfriend is forbidden. 

Who uses a boyfriend rental service? About 40% of those who rent boyfriends are housewives. It’s not cheap, but boyfriend rental and similar companion services have long existed in Japan. Pricing for the Standard Plan starts at 364 dollars for 7 hours. Keeping your man for 12 hours will cost around 600 dollars. All sleeping must be done either at the client’s house or a hotel.

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