5 Things You Should Know About FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace DI2

The Felt FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2 is one of the best performing bikes in the market. This is a kind of bike that is made for all road conditions. Be it market or a trek you can take this bike everywhere and climb as many mountains as you want. Felt has around 90 years of experience of developing and manufacturing carbon bikes. And the carbon bikes made of Felt serve the life of more than a decade. These bikes are a go to option if you are planning to invest in some practical and ultimate ride solution.

The FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2 is known for its lightweight frame, instinctive handling and optimal stiffness. The features of this bike make you count on it for every single ride, no matter how and when that has to happen. The precision tuned chassis in FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2 ensures that not even a single watt is wasted. Due to this the riders tend to feel fresh to attack a sprint finish. It is the build of the bike that makes it stand out. One can consider this bike for any ride and still manage to stay relaxed and fresh throughout the journey.

If you are a rider, you must be familiar with the North American based team— Rally UCH Cycling Team. This is the team of some top riders from US and Canada who have been racking up wins since ages. Guess what? The FR FRD Ultimate meets the needs of these riders and that too in the most appropriate way. And there could be no better way to understand that if the bike is a go-to ride for such top notch riders, it will definitely keep you happy on the road too. Here are the five essential features of FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2 that make it stand out.

Features of FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2

There is an unparalleled engineering expertise that you get with FR FRD Ultimate. The bike is made with the best materials including Ultimate + TeXtreme carbon fiber, the one that is used in aerospace and Formula One race cars. Hence there could be nothing better than this. Also, the incredibly stiff material of the bike is what adds up the strength and structure while keeping it light in weight. 

The new age geometry of the bike makes the rider fit along with optimized component integration for contemporary drivertrans and more. The FR FRD Ultimate Dura Ace Di2 comes with a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic groupset that offers smooth and fast shifting. One can ride rail corners, attack claims and drop competition like an expert professional on any elite carbon road bike.

Lack of proprietary parts

According to the cmmited road cyclists, FR FRD Ultimate this bike has a lot of simplicity to offer. The lack of visible proprietary parts and inclusion of traditional ones is what makes for a wider variety of aftermarket parts choices and easily upgradable cockpit.

Dura Ace

The name Dura Ace refers to Di2 shifters, front and rear derailleurs, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless-compatible wheels, and crankset.

25mm Tires

Narrow rubber aside with clearance for 28s, delivers a perfect combination of comforta, efficiency and control.

Fast Corners

This bike dives quickly and confidently in the corners without any danger of oversteering. And this happens due to quick response to subtle shifts of your hips by the bike during your ride.

Traditional Racing Bike

FR FRD Ultimate is a traditional, round tube race bike that offers a lot more than modern bikes.

The FR bike boasts unimaginable handingal and precision, ensuring riders feel fresh, light and comfortable after a long day in the saddle. In case you are looking for something similar, you must definitely consider this bike for your rides.

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