Know About Every Possible DM Full Form, In Medical Field, Public Sector, Instagram

What is the full form of DM?

There can be a lot of full forms that can be attached to the DM abbreviation. It solely depends on the context in which you are searching it. Here we are going to show all the possible DM full forms in English to all our readers. Let us start reading.

DM full form on Instagram

The full form of DM on Instagram is the Direct Message. On all social media platforms, DM means sending messages to the personal inbox of a person.

DM full form in Medical

The full form of DM in the medical field is the Doctorate of Medicine. It is a degree course of doctorate level for medical students. They can pursue this three years course after completion of their postgraduate medical course.

DM in Medical Field Highlights:


Particulars Value
Course Type Degree
Course Level Doctorate
Duration 3 years
Eligibility PG in Medical
Admission Process Entrance exams
Semester Wise/ Year Wise Semester Wise
Entrance Examination NEET SS, AIIMS SS, JIPMER exam PGIMER
Average Fee INR 2,000 to INR 20 Lakhs
Career Opportunities General Practitioners, Bacteriologist, Anesthesiologists, Obstetrician, Chiropodist
Average Annual Salary INR 10 Lakhs per annum


DM full form in the Public Sector

The full form of DM in the public sector is District Magistrate. The reputed post is also known as the District Collector or Deputy Commissioner. A DM is in charge of a particular district.  The functioning of the policies and rules and regulations in a district is the main responsibility of a DM.

List Of most famous DM in India 

DM Name From To
Shri J L Stubs 1940 1942
Shri D P Hardi 10-07-1943 26-04-1944
Shri Ram Babu Saxena 20-04-1944 24-07-1946
Shri R P Bhargav 19-07-1946 20-08-1947
Shri M Lal 20-08-1947 21-04-1948
Shri Bhagwan Singh 21-04-1948 25-11-1950
Shri H C Sharma 15-11-1950 08-01-1953
Shri J B Tandon 08-01-1953 28-05-1955
Shri Gyan Prakash 28-05-1955 09-07-1956
Shri S Hamid 18-07-1956 14-07-1957
Shri S M Malhotra 19-07-1957 21-05-1959
Shri A K Singh 21-05-1959 28-01-1961
Shri B D Seth 28-01-1961 22-12-62
Shri R K Goyal 22-12-62 21-02-1964
Shri S S Ahmad 14-05-1964 24-07-1967
Shri K P Bahadur 09-05-1967 15-06-1970
Shri A K Das 15-06-1970 01-06-1974
Shri D S Bagga 01-06-1974 13-07-1975
Shri D M Mishra 14-04-1975 26-04-1976
Shri R N Tiwari 03-05-1976 15-07-1977
Shri R C Jain 16-07-1977 07-02-1979
Shri P L Puniya 07-02-1979 25-03-1980
Shri B S Lali 25-03-1980 30-05-1982
Shri P C Chaturvedi 30-05-1982 10-09-1982
Shri R N Saxena 11-09-1882 24-05-1983
Shri Atul Chaturvedi 24-05-1983 28-05-1984
Shri Jawed Usmani 28-05-1984 15-11-1986
Dr. Sarabjit Singh 15-11-1986 20-07-1988
Shri R S Lakha 21-07-1988 26-12-1989
Shri Jagjit Singh 26-12-1989 02-02-1991
Shri B K Singh Yadav 03-02-1991 09-07-1991
Shri L B Tiwari 13-07-1991 02-07-1992
Shri Sanjeev saran 02-07-1992 04-09-1992
Shri Dinesh Singh 06-09-1992 22-03-1993
Shri Ved Prakash 24-03-1993 10-01-1994
Shri Brij Mohan Meena 10-01-1994 07-02-1994
Dr. B P Nilratna 07-02-1994 03-06-1995

Other DM Meaning

Full Form Category
Diabetes Mellitus Diseases & Conditions
Dry Matter Units
Dominica Countries & TLD
District Magistrate Titles
Disaster Management Hospitals
Deutsche Mark Currencies
Doctorate of Medicine Academic Degrees
decimetre Units
Dystrophia Myotonica Diseases & Conditions
Doctor of Management Academic Degrees
Disease Management Diseases & Conditions
Drosophila Melanogaster Physiology
Data Mining General Computing
Data Management Ocean Science
Direct Marketing General Business
Direct Mail General Business
Decreto Ministeriale Italian
Digital Media Hardware
Dipole Moment Chemistry
Doesn’t Matter Chat
Decision Maker Occupation & Positions
Dungeon Master Occupation & Positions
Death Metal Music
DermatoMyositis Physiology
Myotonic Dystrophy Human Genome
Data Manipulation General Computing
Distributed Memory Hardware
Death Match Sports
Data Model Databases
Dark Matter Astronomy
Draw More Assembly
Data Missing Databases


Some More DM full forms in English

There are many additional DM full forms in English. These generally full structures rely upon everything going on. As per the discussion specifically, DM full form is utilized. Let’s talk about the other DM’s full forms now.

  • DM – Direct Modulation
  • DM – Defense Minister
  • DM – Decision Maker
  • DM – Doctorate in Medicine
  • DM – Data Mining
  • DM – Digital Meter
  • DM – Discrete Mathematics 
  • DM – Digital Marketing
  • DM – Doesn’t Matter
  • DM – Don’t Mind
  • DM – Data Management
  • DM – Device Manager
  • DM – Disease Management
  • DM – Digital Media
  • DM – Docking Module
  • DM – Display Message
  • DM – Development Manager

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