Credit National Assist Scam Calls Sep 2022: Know All About It

This blog is about Credit National Assist and Credit National Assist Scam targeting many people in the United States.

As we are digitally growing, every personal or financial detail is on the internet, and it is reachable to anyone with easy hacking methods. And that is where scammers are profiting as they have all the access to our personal and financial information. 

Just like the increasing frauds happening in the United States, where scammers have smart plans and innovative ways to scam, fraudsters pretend to be an agent of Credit National Assist. The latter called clients, told them they had financial aid and asked for credit card details and other related debt-related information.

What do you mean by Credit National Assist?

Credit National Assistance or Credit National Assist is a US-based well-known organization or credit agent managed in debt negotiation led by financial experts with years of experience. The credit agent focuses on managing the debts of senior residents in the United States.

Credit National Assist has a strong alliance with prime credit card firms, debt collector law agents, and many more. And the plus point is they claim to make their clients debt-free as they have expert team members with years of experience dealing with financial agents and companies. 

Credit National Assist claims to offer unprotected debt plans and programs with appropriate loan customizations that other agents like client credit counseling and consolidation firms can not offer.

But, some fake agents use Credit National Assist to scam clients. Let’s check the  National Credit Assist scam.

What is the Credit National Assist scam?

Residents of the United States have recently reported many complaints about a new scam, and they claimed to have received consistent Credit National Assist calls and voicemails from mysterious numbers like 88867-51360, 88820-64766, and many more. The fraud caller used different names to do the Credit National Assist Scam. They convince people that they are calling from Credit National Assist and have found some financial error and ask them to share their Credit card details and other related information about debts. 

How are people responding to the National Credit Assist Scam?

After researching the National Credit Assist scam, I have found that many residents of the United States have received calls from scammers, especially people above 60 years of age who have been targeted for their lack of knowledge about all this. 

Several people have responded and complained about receiving four to five Credit National Assist scam calls daily pretending to be calling from Credit National Assist. Some even receive voicemail messages from various scammers with different names pretending to be calling from Credit National Assist agents. 


Targeting clients, especially older adults, who have been an easy target with less knowledge about all paper works and financial details. And calling them 4-5 times a day shows how vast these fraud organizations claim themself to be Credit National Assist agents, calling innocent customers and scamming them in the name of helping them with financial aid with credit card details. 

In my opinion, people should be more alert when sharing financial details because this scammer will never stop as they always have their next target ready. I suggest not sharing your credit card details with an unknown number caller without verifying with your firm personally. Lastly, tell your parents or any older adult about these scammers and tell them not to share anything and immediately report it to the police. 

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