Choosing The Right Sofa For Your Space

When you’re shopping around luxury furniture stores in Los Angeles, you may be searching for a specific type of piece for your abode. One of the most popular items to look at is the ever-reliable sofa. However, in L.A., you don’t just want any kind of sofa. In fact, Los Angeles has a whole district dedicated to style. So, you’ll want a piece that makes a statement and stands out. That also means finding the right piece.

Choosing high end sofas and sectionals is a multi-tiered process. Of course, you will want something that is comfortable to sit on. However, the style bar is high. So, you want a design that is flawless, gorgeous, and just all-around perfect. So, how do you know what to choose?

Style is very subjective, but the different types of sofas are objective. A sectional isn’t a loveseat. A chaise lounge isn’t a sectional. Before you choose a piece, it’s important to know the differences between them. Here are a few tips on what type of sofa might be the best fit for your space.

The General Rule of Sofa

The sofa is your baseline piece of furniture. Sometimes, a sofa is also called a couch. However, there is some debate about whether or not these furniture pieces are the same thing.

One of the reasons that sofa shopping is so important is that it is often considered the room’s centerpiece. It’s often where people congregate or even sleep. Typically, the terms “sofa” and “couch” are used interchangeably because many people consider them to be the same.

However, there is another faction of furniture lovers that regard couches as a lesser form of sofas. There is another set of sofa enthusiasts that regard a sofa as having two seats, while a standard couch has at least three.

Whatever side of this argument you land on, the sofa being an essential piece of furniture is indisputable — and the odds are high that you either have one or need one. Starting with the sofa, everything else in the sofa family is a variation of the main piece.


When you see a loveseat, keep the first portion of the word in mind: love. The concept for these sofas is built around traditional couples, meaning that there are two seats meant for each part of a loved-up pair. Of course, that has nothing to do with the modern-day purpose of a loveseat.

Loveseats are popular options for sofa buyers because they can be stylish, yet pared down in size. L.A. may be the land of many dreams, but it can also be the land of competitive real estate. Many of the places people find might have smaller square footage. So, if you’re looking for a great sofa that can fit into a condo or apartment, a loveseat might be a good choice.


If you have room in your space and budget for a sofa with additional parts, then you might find a sectional to be to your liking. Sectionals combine different types of sofas and chairs to create a whole piece. While these take up more room than traditional sofas or loveseats, they make wonderful additions to larger spaces that house multiple people.

Sectionals are also great because they can be separated to serve different purposes. If you want a loveseat in one area, but want to move the rest to another place, you can do that. Or you could just keep it all together. Sectionals offer versatility that other types of sofas do not.

Chaise Chair or Lounge

Chaise lounges are singular chairs that are more sofa-like than an actual chair. A chaise is typically set up for a full stretch, including an extended footrest built into the piece or a separate footstool that matches it. If you’re short on room, but want a comfortable, yet stylish place to sit or kick back, you might want to check out a chaise chair.

Before you dive into sofa shopping, keep this primer in mind. It might help you pick the best type of sofa you’ve ever had in your life.

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