Choose The Perfect Tire For Your Requirements

There are many and different patterns, which you can use when choosing a tire. But all of them follow the same steps, in an arbitrary way. So in this sense, it doesn’t matter what the model of picking out a tire will be, whether it is a Michelin tires or not, because the final result will be equal to the others. What you are supposed to do is to observe strictly each one of the steps. I will offer you a pattern, but whether you will take it under consideration or not is your choice.


First of all, we need to notice when our tires have to be replaced with new ones. For this purpose, it is good to know that most of the new models of tires are marked. If the grippers are erased the marker below the tread will be pocking out. Even there are tires, which whizz when they are erased. Virtually, you can use one very interesting method, which I call “stotinka” pattern. What you have to do is to put a coin of ten stotinkas at the bottom of any channel between the grippers. If you are able to see it out of the groove, that means you are supposed to replace the tire because it is erased.


Secondly, you have to see what kind of tire you will need to put on. This is one very important moment. For instance, if the current season is the summer,when you need summer tires(Interesting information for you could be that the Norwegian term is sommerdekk) and you have bought winter tires, how do you think that will work? There is no way to drive with the snow tires, because for less than one month the grippers will be erased. The treads of this category of tires are soft. Hence, they are meant only for snowy and icy covered road surfaces. When the travelling pavement is dry, hot and hard, like it is in the summer, the grabs will be molten, erased and eliminated very quick. So in this case, you will need to use a set of four tires, proper for these conditions, the summer ones. In some occasions, you can place the all season tires. They also can endure the high and hot degrees of the summer. Moreover, they can be utterly perfect means in hot, wet, dry, muddy and cold climate conditions. However, they are not suitable for the winter, because in temperatures below zero, they lose their properties for good adhesion with the travelling surfaces. Consequently, you are obligated to use the winter tires. It is good that the all season tires have startling presentation in two more seasons: autumn and spring.


The sizes and maximum ratings of the tires are very important when you are purchasing. Therefore, you must be quite aware about the signs imprinted on each tire, and eventually to choose the right set of tires.

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