CEO Full Form And Various Responsibilities Of A CEO In A Company

The CEO’s full form is Chief Executive Officer. A CEO is the most senior position in an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution. It is also known as the senior administrator or senior corporate officer in the organization. MD or ED are also referred to as CEOs in some companies. British companies generally use MD and American companies use CEO for their officers. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a partnership or organization directly reports to the administrator or governing body and is liable for augmenting the worth of the business, which might incorporate expanding the offer cost, expanding the overall industry, income, or another component.

CEO Responsibilities:

  1. Board Administration and Support: Support the operation and organization of the Board by encouraging and giving data to Board individuals, correspondence between the Board and representatives, and assessing and supporting the Company.
  2. Assessing Performance: Assess the organization’s monetary, functional, and deals and advertising designs to make arrangements for consistent enhancements and a nonstop expansion in working efficiencies.
  3. Monetary, Tax, Risk, and Facilities Management: Suggests yearly financial plans for Board endorsement and prudently deals with the association’s assets inside the limits of those spending plan rules keeping existing regulations and guidelines.
  4. Human Resource Management: Successfully deals with the association’s HR following approved faculty arrangements and methodology that are completely predictable with current regulations and guidelines.
  5. Local area and Public Relations: Taking part in industry-related occasions or affiliations will upgrade the CEO’s administration abilities, the association’s standing, and the association’s true capacity for progress.
  6. Raising support: Arranging and execution, including recognizing asset prerequisites, exploring financing sources, laying out methodologies for raising assets, presenting recommendations, and gathering pledges records and documentation.
  7. Increment Shareholder Value: Taking a gander at expected acquisitions or the offer of the organization under conditions that will improve investor esteem.

Most Common Business Acronyms


ACCT: Account
AP: Accounts payable
AR: Accounts receivable
BS: Balance sheet
CPU: Cost per unit
CR: Credit
DR: Debit
EPS: Earnings per share
FIFO: First in, first out
IPO: Initial public offering
LIFO: Last in, first out
LWOP: Leave without pay
NAV: Net assets value
P-card: Purchase card
ROA: Return on assets
ROE: Return on equity
ROI: Return on investment
P/E: Price to earnings
P&L: Profit and loss

B2B: Business to business
B2C: Business to consumer
BR: Bounce rate

CPC: Cost per click
CTA: Call to action
CTR: Click-through rate
CR: Conversion rate
CRM: Customer relationship management
DM: Direct message or direct mail
ESP: Email service provider
GA: Google Analytics
KPI: Key performance indicator
PPC: Pay per click
PV: Page view
RFP: Request for proposal
ROS: Run of site
RT: Retweet
SaaS: Software as a service
SEO: Search engine optimization
SM: Social media
SMB: Small to medium business
SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
UV: Unique visitor

CMS: Content management system

CAO: Chief analytics officer

Other full forms of CEO: 


Full Form Category
Chief Electoral Officer Titles
Corporate Europe Observatory Regional Organizations
Controller of Examinations Universities & Institutions
Center for Equal Opportunity Regional Organizations
Civil Enforcement Officer Titles
Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Regional Organizations
Waco Kungo Airport Airport Codes
Community Effort Orlando Sports Events
Center for Effective Organizations Universities & Institutions
Comprehensive Electronic Office Software & Applications
Catholic Education Office Community
Chief Ethics Officer Business
Chief Engineering Officer Business
Chief Eating Officer General
Chief Emotional Officer Miscellaneous
Career Education Options Community
Constantly Evaluating Others Business
Children’s Education Opportunity Academic & Science
Community Education and Outreach Community
Creating Educational Opportunities Community
Chief Executing Officer Governmental
Creating Excellent Organizations Business
Chief Energy Officer Business
Chief Economic Officer Business
Christian Entrepreneur Organization Community
Christmas and Easter Only Community
Career Education Opportunity Academic & Science
Creating Exceptional Opportunities Community
Chief Engagement Officer Governmental
Chief Evangelist Officer Business
Capacity Exposure Optimization Business


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