CBD E Liquid – High in Flavour, Low in CBD Content

In this post I want to explain to you what CBD e liquid is and why CBD e liquid is high in flavour, but lower in CBD content to other ways you can vape CBD. 

What is CBD e liquid?

CBD e liquid is the same as any other e liquid – it is made from a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and ‘vegetable glycerine (VG). The ratio of which determines the type of vape experience. The higher the PG the harsher the smoke the higher the VG the larger the plume. Unlike traditional e liquids, CBD e liquid is blended with hemp extract rather than nicotine or synthetic flavouring. 

It is due to the CBD being diluted down by this blend that CBD e liquids tend to range from 5-10% CBD. Pure CBD vape oils on the other hand can be as high as 65%!

Is cannabis vape liquid the same as CBD e liquid? 

In the UK, cannabis vape liquid and CBD e liquid is one. This is because all cannabis products have to be derived from hemp not marijuana in order to be compliant and they must contain trace amounts of THC. Marijuana plants contain a much higher concentration of THC whereas hemp is a CBD dominant plant and has zero to negligible amounts of THC. 

Does CBD e liquid get you high? 

Simply put, no, CBD e liquid does not get you high. THC is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for the feelings that many people associate with being high. CBD on the other hand has been associated with delivering many therapeutic benefits such as relieving stress and reducing pain with none of the high! 

What is weed e liquid in the UK?

As mentioned in the last paragraph, CBD e liquid is derived from hemp. However, “weed” e liquid suggests otherwise and that it could be derived from something illegal. But, for it to be sold by retailers this is not the case and is merely used to denote its flavour profile. 

Both weed e liquid and cannabis e liquid are usually blended with natural terpenes derived from traditional cannabis strains to give them their authentic flavour. Unless you just want the weed or marijuana flavour, you should check whether your weed e liquid contains hemp extract and so CBD or whether it is simply flavoured and so just blended with natural terpenes. 

What CBD e liquid would you recommend in the UK? 

My favourite CBD e liquids are currently from the brand paso. They taste delicious and are, most importantly, not too sweet. Each e liquid is derived from traditional cannabis strains such as lemon amnesia haze and come in either a 10% CBD vape cartridge to screw on a 510 thread vape battery (they also have a great and very affordable option should you need) or you can buy them in a 10ml bottle to fill up your own device.

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