Everything You Need to Know About Car Returns

When you take a car, it is still the car rental company’s property. The company allows you to use the car, and it doesn’t mean that you are the new owner. For instance, when PaddockRentACar gives you a car for four days, you can only drive it for four days and give it back to the company when the time has expired.

Car rental gives you a clean, beautiful, and well-functioning car from the start, so you need to return it the same. The safety of the machine and its parts is your responsibility. To avoid problems, do not allow any damage, including scratches, dents, and other cosmetic defects. Also, keep the interior clean—no need to pollute it with drinks or food.

The time during which you need to use the rental car is usually specified in the contract between you and the company. Strictly follow this deadline, and if there is a need for an extension, inform the company itself. It is important to notify the car rental about your intention to extend the term of the contract. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a theft of the car.

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How to Return a Car Properly

Well, how do return a rental car properly? He is the short step-by-step guide that will assist you in returning a rental car, preparing before returning, and avoiding potential problems.

  • Discuss your drop-off point. The company needs to know where you will leave your car after your agreement has expired. Usually, all rental companies ask their clients to leave the car where they picked it up. Make sure that you have enough time to arrive at your final point. Sometimes traffic conditions make your trip time much longer, and when you are too late, the rental company starts to worry about their car.
  • Clean the car. Especially the interior. Get rid of rubbish and stains. Some say that it is not necessary, but you probably want to be respected by the car rental company in case you want to rent a car in the future. Sloppy customers who damage the car are often blacklisted.
  • Take your belongings. Check that you have all of your belongings and properties with you. Clients often forget phones, passports, and wallets. You probably do not want to be one of them.
  • Refuel the car. If there is a full-to-full agreement, you must refuel your car before dropping it off. Your car’s tank must be full at the moment when the car rental takes it back.
  • Complete your return. You made sure that the car is clear, full, and looking good, and now you are ready to drop it off. Perfect. Arrive at the drop-off point and meet with the car rental agent. An agent will inspect the car to be sure that everything is fine. Sign the inspection sheet and ask for a copy of it. It is a kind of evidence that any possible defects in the car are not your fault.
  • Or look for a key box. Sometimes rental companies ask you to drop your car keys off at the special box without interacting with the agent.

Before returning, take a couple of photos of the car. You need to be sure that you didn’t damage the car, that it works fine, and that you are an accurate enough driver. You should send these photos to the rental company in case they ask for them. Also, we recommend that you check your bank statement occasionally to be sure that there are no sudden changes.


Now you know how to return a car in the UAE without problems. I hope this article is helpful for you and answers many of your questions. And if you want to rent a car in Dubai, we recommend you visit https://paddockrentacar.com/cars/brand-ferrari. Paddock Rent A Car offers high-quality and luxury cars that are always available for rent.

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