Top 10 Best Parenting Books 2015 Every Parent Should Read

Good parenting’s focal point is to raise a child in every possible way. Good parenting involves discipline and fun with the child as well. Good parenting can lead to the growth of a child’s mindset, which reflects on their behavior towards others. The best parenting style is to balance firmness and nurture innocence, which results in terms of good mental & physical health and academic success for the child. 

Important and beneficial parenting factors that help to be a good parent:-

The first skill is encouraging- appreciating your child’s success in small daily household tasks will give them the courage to achieve more.

The second skill is being reflective- don’t ignore their opinion; sometimes being a good listener and emotionally available will help both the parent and the child relationship.

The third skill is imitation- Imitation is an interesting way to convey a message to your child that they are being valued & important. Children always like to imitate adults, and imitating them back will develop social exchange factors.

The fourth skill is to set boundaries- a good balance between when to set boundaries and when to let loose is a key to a good parent.

The fifth skill to interact- parents can radiate warmth and positivity through hugs, kisses and smiles. Basically, loving and caring play a very important role in a child’s life. And nourish their social behavior.  

Have you read any books on parenting? If not, check out the list below based on best parenting books for toddlers, new parenting books for new parents, and best parenting books for 2022

  1. Book- No-Drama Discipline

    Author- Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Paney Bryson    

This book talks about how parents can avoid shouting and yelling to tantrums, tears and tensions of a child instead of providing them affection and compassion. 

  1. Book- How to talk so kids will listen & listen so that kids will talk

    Author- Elaine Mazlish and Adele Faber 

The author wrote about the importance of communication with children in this book. It taught that a parent should talk openly and honestly about the worries, fears, joys, and desires to keep the communication between the parent and the child open.  

  1. Book- The happiest baby on the block

    Author- Harvey Karp

This book is best for the first-time pregnant parent. There is a DVD provided along with the book, which has tips like how to instantly calm the crying baby with ease. 

  1. Book- The conscious parent

    Author- Shefali Tsabery

The author chose a very interesting point in this book, and she wrote that in order to be a good parent, one must not limit themselves to teaching their children; one must be open to learning from their children too. 

  1. Book- 15 Minutes outside

    Author- Rebecca Cohen

This book was written by a mom who made a resolution on the New Year to spend at least 15 minutes with her kids and take them outside, which helps to develop the bond between parent and child.

  1. Book- The whole brain child

    Author- Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Paney Bryson

Another book by the same authors but with different strategies to nurture a child’s mind. They listed about 20 practical strategies to help a child to develop their creativity.

  1. Book- Fun on the run 

    Author- Cynthia Copeland

The title of this book says it all. Cynthia solved all parents’ usual problems: how to handle an impatient & cranky child in hospitals, on road trips, or in restaurants. She listed fun and easy games for children to play with their parents and saved parents from it.




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