Benefits Of Making The Switch To Nicotine Salts: The Vaping Guide

Lately, everyone has been talking about nicotine salt e-juices, the hottest vaping trend that is more satisfying than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine salts, often shortened to nic salts or salt nic, is a form of nicotine that allows you to vape at higher nicotine levels without any harsh throat hit. Plus, they give you a bang for your bucks as you end up devouring less juice with maximum satisfaction.

So, if you’ve been planning to quit smoking but don’t want to compromise with your nicotine cravings, it’s high time to switch to salt nic vape juices

Surprisingly, the market is flooded with a plethora of unique flavors in nic salts that not only provide a satisfying throat hit but also tickle taste buds: think of Vapetasia Salts and other premium brands. 

Let’s talk more about this new thing on the block and know why switching to nic salt e-juices is a great idea!

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salt is a natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaf. In contrast to freebase nicotine which is alkaline, it is acidic in nature. 

The strange thing about nic salt is that it vaporizes at extreme temperatures. That being said, it is actively used in vape juices (in blend with benzoic acid) to help ex-smokers get a buzz that they would otherwise get in a cigarette. Overall, it is an effective method of delivering nicotine to the body with smoother throat hits.

You’ll be glad to know that commercial vape juices come with different nicotine contents: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 36mg. Speaking of premium Vapetasia salt vape juices, they are available in 24mg and 48mg nicotine strength packed in 30 ml bottles, meaning you have the option to customize your vaping experience depending upon your nicotine tolerance.

Just remember, the higher the nicotine level, the harsher the throat will be. 

Benefits Of Nicotine Salts

There are several benefits of nicotine salts or salt nic e-juices, especially if you are flocking to them to quit smoking. Check out:

  • Faster & Satisfied Effects

Unlike freebase nicotine, nicotine salts enter the blood system faster and offer instant fixes (in a matter of seconds!). As a result, the nicotine cravings are satisfied quickly, giving smokers the ultimate motivation to stay away from smoking.

This also means that vapers do need to consume more and more vape juice or use their device often. So, we can say that it is a cost-effective method of getting a thrill out of vaping while keeping the smoking addiction at bay.

  • Smoother Throat Hit

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vapor, you’d definitely want to enjoy a great throat hit for an incredible vaping experience. If you prefer a lovely, smooth throat hit, nicotine salts are a perfect fit. 

Due to their acidic nature, nic salts don’t feel harsh on the throat and provide a more comfortable vape. 

Pro Tip: Consider Vapetasia Salts at wholesale if your goal is to get a smoother throat hit while also pleasing your taste buds with delicious flavor.

  • Extended Shelf Life

If you compare nic salts with freebase nicotine, they are more chemically stable. Given that, they have better shelf life with no effect on the quality.

  • Portability

Are you a hard-core vaping enthusiast who loves to blow clouds, no matter the place? If yes, nicotine salts can be your BFF. 

As nic salt vape juices allow for higher nicotine levels, they are compatible with much smaller and compact devices that you can carry around with you anywhere. (Try out the *one* from a wide range of Vapetasia salt nics that are specifically designed for the ultra-portable pod systems for the proof). 

Bottom Line

Nicotine salts are a game changer in the vaping industry. They help smokers stick to their resolution of quitting smoking while satisfying their nicotine cravings. 

And, now that nic salt vape juices have been evident as beneficial, wait no more and get your hands on the most premium *one* to take your vaping experience to the next level. Make sure to browse through the collection of Vapetasia Salts for unique flavor blends that you always wanted to enjoy.

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