Learn Beginner Badass Pumpkin Carving Ideas From the Pros

Today I will teach you a few techniques of pumpkin carving for beginners. And you will learn some tips and tricks for carving a small pumpkin without any artistic ability.

There are 3 ways of pumpkin carving ideas, and the first pumpkin carving technique is a cut-out which is famous among all. Using the cut-out technique, you can make designs by cutting the pumpkin. The second technique is sculpting, where you can make 3D figures on the pumpkin. And last technique is shading, where you can shave the outside of the pumpkin to enhance the design more in-depth.

Secret tips and tricks for pumpkin carving for beginners –

No need for fancy tools

A small handful of household items is enough for a beginner to crave the desired pumpkin design. For example, you can use your kitchen knives, blades, or linoleum cutter. You can use scrubber sponges to smooth the uneven surfaces of the pumpkin. You can also use melon ballers to hollow out the pumpkin or scooped out balls and later use them as an eyeball on the pumpkin or necklace. For a good texture on the pumpkin, use a lemon zester.

Opt for an imperfect pumpkin

Don’t worry if you get an imperfect pumpkin which is visually not that appealing or even misshaped from a pumpkin patch. However, make sure the pumpkin is fresh with a solid touch and a strong, sturdy stem so that it stays for some time and does not have any soft spots. Let me tell you a secret tip, whenever you go to a pumpkin patch, bring the pattern you want to crave on a pumpkin. That way, it will help you find a perfect match that will suit the shape of your pattern that you will crave.

Easy to trace a design

The easiest way to carve a design is to trace the design. Take butter paper (paper used to trace designs), draw your design on the butter paper and place it on the pumpkin to replicate the design. Make sure you have placed the tracing paper facing the pumpkin’s surface. And put tape on the corners and the sides, so the paper stays on. Then start tracing your design. After tracing the whole design, completely remove the butter paper, and you can see your design on the pumpkin.

Open the bottom

Opening up the pumpkin’s bottom is the best trick that simplifies your work. Always remember to cut open the bottom instead of cutting around the stem at the top. This way, the pumpkin stays steady on the table, and at the same time, it becomes easier to plug out the pumpkin seeds and stringy stuff. 

Have patience with the process

Have lots of patience while carving a pumpkin. You might get a little impatient to see your creativity, but you get negative results whenever someone tries to do something like this. Whenever you crave a pumpkin, try to leave the pumpkin intact. Most importantly, don’t rush with cutting out; gently pull out the insides, tracing the design process.



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