The Lost Generation

There are people in every generation who believe the generation following theirs is either going to the dogs or will ruin the country. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll lends credence to that way of thinking, especially where…

Caravan Of Illegal Invaders

About 2,000 Central American migrants who avoided Mexican law enforcement at a border bridge and swam or floated across from Guatemala have decided to reconstitute their mass caravan and continue the push north toward the U.S. Gathered…

American Liberals Are Mentally Ill

Conservative radio talk show Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that Democrats are already experiencing "blowback" for taking aim against President Trump, including their push for impeachment following allegations concerning the president's phone…

Is Saudi Arabia Guilty Of Reporters Murder?

President Trump on Tuesday cautioned against blaming Saudi Arabia for the disappearance of activist Jamal Khashoggi before an investigation was completed. “I think we have to find out what happened first,” Trump said in an interview with…

Airsoft guns: Some Basic Safety Guidelines

Airsoft guns are non-lethal replicas of real firearms and used generally within a game format at designated places. Despite their quite safe-sounding name, airsoft guns, although not lethal, can be very dangerous. However, with the right…

Wish To Date An Asian Woman?

Do you fantasize about dating an Asian woman? But, do not have the courage to break the ice and have a conversation with an Asian woman. Many men are attracted to Asian women. And, because of this, many men like to meet the Asian women in…

Understanding Digital Cameras

Capturing beautiful moments and making them accessible quickly is no longer a rich man's forte. Most of us have access to our memorable moments in just a click away. Digital cameras save you a lot of time. Once the photo has been taken, you…

Designer Gucci Handbags

It's important, for that perfect outfit that your accessories match each other and complement your apparel, or you will simply look like a well-heeled street person. So if you are determined to treat yourself to a Gucci handbag, there are…

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