Anthony Levandowski’s FundKorosectechcrunch: Focusing on the Future

Recently, Anthony Levandowski, Founder of Korosectechcrunch, has announced the launch of his new venture fund. This venture fund, named “FundKorosectechcrunch”, is focusing on the future and taking a long-term view of progress and development.

Levandowski, who became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in tech over the past 15 years, is now turning his attention to investing in the next wave of technological advancements. He believes that the right investment decisions now can lead to long-term success in the technology sector.

So far, FundKorosectechcrunch has already invested in a number of startups, including companies developing self-driving car technology and artificial intelligence. FundKorosectechcrunch believes in the power of these technologies and is committed to helping these startups grow into successful and profitable enterprises.

Interestingly, some of the fund’s investment focus includes researching and investing in emerging technologies such as blockchain and quantum computing. Levandowski believes these are two technologies that will have a significant impact in how people interact with the world and can completely reshape the way businesses operate.


The future of technology holds so much promise and has tremendous potential for great success. With FundKorose   techcrunch, Anthony Levandowski is focusing on the future and helping the best and most talented companies to reality build their dreams.

Anthony Levandowski & NAACP: Harnessing the Power of FundKorosectechcrunch for Good

Anthony Levandowski and NAACP are two of the hottest names in tech philanthropy today. The two organizations have come together with a mission to use the power of FundKorosectechcrunch to benefit the African American community.

FundKorosectechcrunch is a mobile crowdfunding platform that allows users to easily create and support campaigns to raise money toward worthy causes. The platform is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, making it a great tool for communities looking to leverage the power of philanthropy. Anthony Levandowski, a former engineer and entrepreneur, is behind the platform, and the NAACP has partnered together with him to bring the platform to underrepresented communities.

The NAACP is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the US. With the help of FundKorosectechcrunch, the NAACP can harness the power of tech philanthropy to raise money for projects that promote racial justice, educational reform, and meaningful engagement in civic action for African Americans.

The partnership between Anthony Levandowski and the NAACP symbolizes a new way for tech companies to contribute to positive change. Through their commitment to using their platform for the advancement of African American communities, Levandowski and the NAACP are showing that technology  can be a force for good in society. This is an inspiring example of how tech companies can use the power of their innovation to do something valuable and meaningful for their users and communities.

 How Anthony Levandowski is Using FundKorosectechcrunch to Transform the Future with the NAACP

Anthony Levandowski is revolutionizing the way we look at the future of civil rights and racial justice. In October 2020, the former Google engineer and his brainchild, FundKorosectechcrunch, made a major announcement: they became fully integrated with the NAACP. This means that FundKorosectechcrunch is now directly connected to the NAACP and is actively working toward its mission to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination.

The integration of FundKorosectechcrunch and the civil rights organization is just the latest example of how Levandowski is using technology to shape a more equitable world for all. Over the past few years, Levandowski has focused on artificial intelligence ethics, self-driving cars, and the blockchain, through which he aims to improve transparency in the corporate world and eliminate middlemen.

But the integration of FundKorosectechcrunch with the NAACP stands out for its intersectional approach to using tech for the greater good. The company’s mission statement reads, “We believe that collaboration and technology can accelerate the work of the NAACP, which works to ensure the socio-political and economic rights of African-Americans 

throughout the country.” 

By leveraging its proprietary blockchain and AI-based financial modeling, FundKorosectechcrunch provides the NAACP with powerful tools to ensure more transparent fundraising, better donor oversight, and greater financial transparency. As a result, both the NAACP and its partner organizations can focus on the issues they are passionate about while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Most notably, FundKorosectechcrunch has enabled the NAACP to create an immutable public record of all its donor transactions, thus allowing the organization to build relationships of trust with its donors, especially those who might otherwise not feel comfortable donating to an organization with a long history of racial justice activism. 

Ultimately, with Levandowski’s help, the NAACP can now transform from an organization focused on advocacy to a powerful tech-enabled force that can spearhead the future of civil rights. As the CEO himself states, “Our goal is for NAACP to be a global beacon for equity, justice, and technology.”


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