Adorable Tooth Fairy Note Ideas to Put Under the Pillow

The tooth fairy is a cute fantasy tale in everyone’s childhood. The story is about a tooth fairy who will visit at night, take the baby’s teeth, and replace them with sweet gifts. Here are some sweet & simple ideas on what to write on tooth fairy notes.

Unique tooth fairy ideas to write on the letter 

  • Customize it – It will be a surprise for a kid to know that the tooth fairy has mentioned their name or some personal stuff which probably is a soft top they like or something they have done secretly. The kid will be thrilled to read those things on the tooth fairy note.
  • Use creativity – For example, you can mention on the tooth fairy note about the fairy’s plan with the tooth or how hard her journey to reach there was.
  • Give compliments – It will be nice to appreciate the kid on the tooth-losing process, or how good the teeth are, or write details on how the kid never forgets to brush or floss after having food.
  • Be presentable – Use colorful scrape paper or colored pens to write the note. Please use stuff that the kid loves.
  • Don’t disclose yourself – Don’t be obvious with your kid’s likes and stuff they like to do on the letter. Write according to what a fairy will write; for example- the fairy will never complain; instead, she will appreciate and encourage the kid. Write in simple handwriting and easy-to-read letters, and you can ask a friend to write the letter so that the kid won’t recognize you easily.    
  • Be short and simple – Don’t complicate your letter with big words. Be simple and short with your words

Tooth fairy note ideas for the first tooth

  • Good wishes on losing your first tooth. Enjoy your treasure.
  • One the strongest, clean and beautiful I have ever seen.
  • You are the bravest kid because this tooth took quite the time I have ever seen.
  • Your smile still looks so beautiful & cute without the tooth.
  • All the fairies are proud of you, as you always brush and floss.
  • These cute pointy teeth are my all-time favorite.
  • Your struggle with the tooth is real, and I am so proud of you.
  • Take care of your other tooth, and I’ll come again.

What can you leave under the pillow – 

  1. Coins
  2. Soft toys
  3. Notes
  4. Candy
  5. Flowers
  6. Sometimes you can be creative and can put on your kid’s favorite food.
  7. Clothes
  8. Drawing books
  9. Color pencils
  10. Combination of the stuff as mentioned above.

Give the ‘under the pillow’ traditional way a change

Is it difficult for you to sneak into the kid’s room and fiddle around with the pillow to put the letter and the gift without waking your kid? So, changing the idea of putting the tooth under the pillow will stop your tension about how to put the note and when to put the note in a way that you don’t give yourself away to your child and bust their tooth fairy fantasy. You can suggest your kid put the tooth anywhere in their room, and the specifications of the place will be good for you. That way, it will be much easier for you.

Keep the idea of the tooth fairy vigorous.

Kids are very innocent and full of life; they don’t know how the outside world works. Their beliefs about fairies and Santa Claus are real. And being an adult, one should always try to encourage those fantasies with utmost priority. 




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