What is The ACP Full Form? Other Full Forms In Police Departments, Police Ranks

What is the ACP full form?

ACP Full Form: Assistant Commissioner of Police

The Assistant Commissioner of Police is the full form of ACP. In the  Indian Police Service, ACP is one of the most prestigious posts. The post is awarded to the most decorated police officers of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (Asst. SP).  The Insignia of ACP is three stars.

How to become ACP?

There are two ways to become an ACP:

  • After serving around 15-20 years in the police department, A general promotion from state police rank to gradually becoming an ACP officer 
  • In the UPSC exam, Writing Group I exam, and direct recruitment after getting a good rank.

Full Forms of Popular Government Services


Acronym Full-Form
Full Form of IPS Indian Police Service
Full Form of SSC Staff Selection Commission
Full Form of UPSC Union Public Service Commission
Full Form of IAS Indian Administrative Service
Full Form of ACP/DSP Assistant Commissioner of Police
Full Form of PSC Public Service Commission
Full Form of MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission

Other full forms of ACP

Full Form Category
African, Caribbean, and Pacific International Organizations
Aluminum Composite Panel Architecture & Constructions
Acyl Carrier Protein Science
Sahand Airport Airport Codes
Australian Consolidated Press Companies & Corporations
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Science
Automated Command Post Military and Defense
Acid Phosphatase Physiology
American Real Estate Partners NYSE Symbols
Adjacent Channel Power Military and Defense
Actual Contribution Percentage Stock Exchange
Average Contribution Percentage Accounts and Finance
Air Cadet Publication Military and Defense
Advance Care Planning US Government
Airspace Control Plan Military and Defense
Automatic Colt Pistol Law & Legal
American Cosplay Paradise General Business
Allied Communications Publication Military and Defense
Association of Computer Professionals General Computing
Anticipated Cash Provider Accounts and Finance
Automóvel Clube de Portugal Hobbies
Annual Compensation Payment Accounts and Finance
Administration Control Panel Computing
Auto Colt Pistol Military and Defense
ANSI Code Page Computer Assembly Language
Alberta College of Pharmacists Educational Institute
Average Conditional Probability Accounts and Finance
Armament Cooperative Project Military and Defense
Alternative Class Program Educational
Access Control Point Military and Defense
Appalachian College of Pharmacy Educational Institute
Allied Communications Protocol Military and Defense
Area Coordination Paper Military and Defense
Applied Communication Program Universities
Army Capabilities Plan Military and Defense
Airline Control Program Information Technology
Acb Compressed File Archive File Type
Microsoft Office Assistant Cap Preview File File Type
Air Commander’s Pointer Military and Defense
Application Control Parameter Softwares
Automatic Cartridge Pistol Military and Defense
Azimuth Counter Pulse Electronics
Activities, Channels, and Pools Accounts and Finance
Advance College Project Educational Institute
Automated Change Processing Space Science
Average Contribution Percent Measurement Unit
Associated Computer Professional Job Title
Advanced Co-processor Computer Hardware
Active Control Point Earth Science
Assign Common Pool Military and Defense
American Center for Physics Physics Related
American College of Phlebology Educational Institute


Full Forms of Police Department and Designations


Types of Police Full Form:
Full Form of DGP Director General of Police
Full Form of ADGP Additional Director General of Police
Full Form of IGP Inspector General of Police
Full Form of DIGP Deputy Inspector General of Police
Full Form of SP Superintendent of Police
Full Form of DCP Deputy Commissioner of Police
Full Form of ASP Additional Superintendent of Police
Full Form of PI Police Inspector
Full Form of API Assistant Police Inspector
Full Form of SI Sub-Inspector of Police
Full Form of ASI Assistant Sub-Inspector
Full Form of HC Head Constable
Full Form of PC Police Constable
Full Form of CI Circle Inspector
Full Form of SHO Station House Officer


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