A Quick & Handy Guide On Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is one of the most popular platforms that helps you invite guests to a party for RFA. From teaching you how to host a party to giving a happy ending, it does it all. Here you have a way of sending party invites to a pool of guests once you have a guest list. Bookmark this Mystic Messenger email guide and be an expert at the job in no time.

How Does The Messenger Work

Mystic Messenger emails are for inviting guests to the parties in a professional manner. As you host a party, you will have to deal with various guests joining the party. And to do so, you will send an invitation through this virtual messenger. This messenger is available on the app and helps you make sure you do it in the right way. The whole process is of 11 days so the party for which you are inviting can be held on the 11th day. And in order to successfully host a party, yu shudl invite at least 10 guests through this email messenger.

Process Of Inviting Guests To The Party

Inviting guests by simply sending an email invite may seem a simple task but guess what, it is not. There has to be at least 10 guests to have a good party ending. And these 10 guests will depend on how you chat with them on the messenger. As per the rule, you need to answer all guest emails before 10 days of the party. In case you fail to answer any of their questions then there is a high chance that the guests will not attend the party. Here is the trick— answer three emails correctly, see three green arrows and there is a high chance you are having a guest in the party. In case you see an orange arrow, you have answered the emails inappropriately. 

How To Ensure A Good Party Ending

Ensuring a good party ending comes with a cause of learning how to use the Mystic Messenger email process. This will help you not just for hosting parties but also to be a pro at sending invites. Remember, before sending any invitation it is always good to review them for accuracy. Here are a few suggestions for a good party ending.

  • Invite more guests even if you think they will not attend the party. Doing so will make you understand how you have been making wrong interpretations all this while.
  • Don’t be impatient if you fail to bring your guests on during your first few attempts. It takes days for guests to confirm their attendance and that is okay. 
  • Be as active in the chats as possible. The hearts that you earn in the chat can be converted into hourglasses and used to buy extra packages (100 hearts are equal to one hourglass).
  • For more good party endings, reply to the mails correctly and always aim for three green arrows in the Mystic Messenger Emails. Do not consider opening the final replies unless you process to party on the final as that will give you a high chance of a happy ending at the party.

Tips To Respond To Emails On Mystic Messenger

The easiest way to respond to emails on Mystic Messenger is by clicking at the sender’s first letter as soon as you receive a response from the invitees. Choose the sender and type the reply that you wish to send. This is how you can easily respond and get your message in the recipient’s mailbox. And not just invitees, you can even answer the mails of your friends in Mystic Messenger but there, the process will be a little different.

You can send and receive emails on Mystic Messenger within the click of a button. There are two categories of responses on the messenger— normal email responses and good email responses. It is upto you how you respond to the party attendees. A Mystic Messenger email guide is also a great way to be good at this.
Mystic Messenger is basically known to send party invites. There are various ways in which you can find your guests and win hearts through the messenger. The more hearts you have will make you have a good ending.


There are some common FAQs that are usually seen among mystic messengers sending guest invites. Here are the top three questions and answers to those questions.

When and how will I start getting emails?

As you start, you get three emails initially. This usually happens when you want to get someone to confirm about coming to your party. The emails have three green arrow signs for better understanding and are generally in silver or blue-green.

How do I answer Mystic emails in Mystic Messenger?

To reply to an email in mystic messenger, you need to click on the senders’ usernames’ first letter. This is usually sorted alphabetically. So make sure you do that as given.

How do I get emails in Mystic Messenger?

As you start sending mails with Mystic Messenger, you will receive notifications for new emails in your inbox from time to time. As any of the invitees would respond to your invitation, you will start receiving emails on Mystic Messenger.


The above article is the most apt mystic messenger email guide that will help you understand how mystic messenger emails work. Whenever there has to be an invitation made for guests, you can consider following the guideline and tips mentioned above. Also, the person inviting has to have a good knowledge of the game and how to host a party. These two things will help in making the most of the party. Before you invite guests, be prepared with the correct answers for guest email questions so that you win the game at every given stage. In case you are doubtful about forgetting the answers, we would highly recommend you to bookmark this page and keep it handy for future reference. We understand and support your love for virtual parties by getting Mystic Messenger Emails and hope you get good endings with all the guest questions and answers with this mystic messenger email guide. To know more such information, subscribe to our page today.

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