7 Methods to Clean Your Vaping Equipment

Vaping is all fun until you want to clean out your vape equipment. Vape devices are delicate pieces of technology, and any mishandling can lead to the end of its life and service. Nonetheless, cleaning them ensures they work more efficiently and have a longer life.

Below are seven ways to help you clean your vaping equipment in the best way possible.

1. Try using Paper Clips.

Using a combination of paperclips and some dab tools to clean out the air holes of your vape, you can make it as clean as it was when you first bought it. The air holes in your vape device help promote airflow and help in keeping the draw resistance low. When they get clogged with wax residue by any chance, it can make inhalation of the vapor difficult.

Paper Clips


To clean out your air holes, take the ordinary paper clip, unfold it and use the pointy edge to try and dislodge any gunk blocking the air holes. Be careful not to poke yourself or scratch the vaporizer during the process.

2. Use a Cotton Swab Scrub

Giving your vaping equipment a wipe-down with a cotton swab may do the trick. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to clean your vaping gear. Simply grab a Q-tip or a cotton swab, soak it in isopropyl alcohol, and thoroughly clean your vape device. 

Vaping equipment mainly consists of three parts — the atomizer, battery, and mouthpiece. Out of all these, the atomizer is the one that gets the dirtiest. So, you may want to give it some more attention.

Atomizers get dirtier than the rest because the wax or the cheap vape juices get placed there to get vaporized. After you’re done with your session, the remnant wax and vape juice dry up and become much harder to clean out. The isopropyl alcohol will help dissolve the hardened wax, making it a lot easier to clean.

3. Keep Your Connections Clean

The connection between your atomizer and your battery should always be clear and clean if you want your vaporizer to work as efficiently as possible. If there happens to be any debris or residue on the threading, it may disrupt the connection between the two parts, and your vape device may not work as effectively. 

You may also experience leaks from the atomizer. To prevent any of that from happening, you’ll need to clean the threading.

Keep Your Connections Clean


You can use isopropyl alcohol to do this clean-up. Simply dip a lint-free cloth on the alcohol, let it soak a bit, and wipe down the threading.

4. Dip them in an Alcohol Bath

If the residue on your vaping equipment is stubborn, and a Q-tip won’t do the trick, try going total immersion. For this cleaning method, you’ll need a shallow dish or bowl to fill with isopropyl alcohol. After you get it filled, you should submerge your atomizer and other vaping equipment in it for a couple of hours. The alcohol will slowly break down and dissolve the residue over time.

After the residue has been broken down, take out your vaping equipment, dispose of the alcohol and dry the vaping devices before trying to use them again. You don’t want an alcohol aftertaste the next time you use your vape.

5. Blow Into the Mouthpiece

Arguably one of the simplest ways to clean out your vaping equipment. You only need one tool — your mouth. It may seem low-tech, but this method kind of works. Simply remove the mouthpiece for your vape device and blow into it to dislodge any debris that may be clogging up the air path.

This blowing action in the reverse direction of the airflow may help push out any leftover residue. An excellent hard blow should be enough to get the hardened bits of wax out of your mouthpiece.

6. Burn Off the Leftover Wax

Another way to clean your vape equipment and get rid of leftover wax is just to burn it off. First, remove the mouthpiece from the atomizer, then hold the rest of your vape device upside down over a paper towel. Turn on the vape device, and set it to its highest voltage setting. The resultant heat will melt the residue wax, and using your paper towel, you’ll catch the hot dripping wax, so you don’t make a different mess to clean up.

7. Switch to a Coil-less Atomizer

There are a variety of atomizers for vape pens. You can find ceramic bowls, quartz coil atomizers, and quartz bows. Each of these types has its strengths and weaknesses. However, one of the best strengths of bowl-type atomizers is that they are easier to clean than quartz coil atomizers.

The coil in quartz coil atomizers is wrapped around their core, and bits of dried-up wax residue can get lodged between these parts. It may be difficult to clean in between the coils because they’re so close together.

 Coil-less Atomizer


Bowl-style atomizers have a smooth and even surface; thus, they don’t have this issue. It’s way easier to maintain this type of atomizer, and cleaning simply wipes the residue off.


Hopefully, now you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to clean and maintain your vape device. You need to clean your vape equipment at regular intervals. Apart from getting a better flavor, there are many other benefits of keeping your equipment clean. An unclean vape pen can explode. So, stay safe, and keep your devices clean.

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