5 Types Of Injuries A Lawyer Help You With

When you hear of a personal injury, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a road accident. Yes, road accidents can cause injury because it’s one of the most typical types of accidents we are familiar with. But injury is way more than a vehicle accident.

Many types of injuries occur in our everyday life. People suffer various degrees of injuries from different sources. Not all accident cases or personal injuries require hiring a personal injury lawyer because not all cases involve compensation.

This article will examine some of the injury types you can hire a lawyer for and why you need to hire a lawyer for your claims.

What is a Personal Injury

In legal terms, personal injury is defined as an injury sustained due to another person’s negligence or an intentional act that resulted in an injury to another. Usually, such injury goes with a compensation claim.

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injury covers a wide variety of harms done to the body. Some of them can be summarized as follows:

Broken Bones: Any broken bone injury is usually excruciating and may not easily heal. Treatment for broken bones can be costly. Any negligent or intentional cause of broken bones should be compensated.

Soft Tissues: Soft tissue injuries are minor cracks in the body tissues arising from a fall or a minor car accident.

Brain Damages: Brain injuries can be traumatic. Both internal and external forces may cause them. Brain injuries can cause memory loss, insanity, poor concentration, etc. you should seek medical help if you notice any brain injury.

Spinal Cord Damages: Spinal cord injury is very severe. It can cause paralysis in a person. The spinal cord supports the body structure and transmits signals to the brain. Any damage to it is usually catastrophic.

Psychological Injury: This type of injury may not be easily detected. People tend to ignore the effects of psychological harm because the one affected may still be able to carry on with affairs of life. However, psychological injury can disrupt your normal lifestyle. 

Causes of Personal Injuries

The causes of personal injuries are so many. Anything can cause harm to the body, but we consider some of the known causes of personal injuries.

Road Traffic Accident

Motor accidents are one of the most familiar types of accidents. They occur every day. Their effects depend on the accident’s severity and can cause serious bodily injury.

Road accidents also include trucks and other heavy-duty equipment. This type of accident can be more damaging and devastating than a car accident.

Motorcycle accidents also account for road accidents. They can also be fatal and lead to severe damage if safety precautions are not taken. The eau claire atv accident law firm can help if you are injured in the accident.

Industrial Related Accident

Industrial accidents are usually work-related accidents. Any accident that occurs in the workplace causing personal injury is regarded as an industrial accident. This may include a fall from a great height, an injury sustained due to equipment malfunction or mishandling of the equipment, 

Employers are to be responsible for any accident at work. If you want to file a claim, you can get help from a car accident lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners Firm. 

Medical Negligence

Personal injury can result from medical negligence. When you get an injury due to a doctor’s error, whether through a wrong diagnosis or a mistake in the application of drugs, severe damage from surgery that worsened the existing condition, or poor prescriptions, are all cases of medical negligence.


Injuries sustained from your residence, either through a fault of the building that resulted in a building collapse, or a dog bite from your neighbor’s dog, are a part of personal injuries. Accidents acquired due to faulty building materials or the inability to provide safety and security on your premises can result in personal injury. 

Intentional Acts Injury

Although it is an intentional act of injury, the cause of such injury in some cases may be unintentional. This usually involves parties known to each other. Disputes may arise that may result in intentional injury.

However, the Civil lawsuits state that a personal injury occurs when someone is assaulted, slandered, or battered intentionally.  

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

The question now is, Why need a lawyer for personal injury? Or when and how do you hire a lawyer? If you have received a severe injury, or your loved one has died as a result of the error of another person, you need a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to file a case in court. They will represent you in the lawsuit. They will act as your advocate where you can defend yourself.

Most work-related personal injuries require the services of a personal injury lawyer because some employers may want to cheat on their employees when they need for claims arises.

You must engage a sound lawyer to successfully pursue your injury claims from a third party. You can get a car accident lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners Firm to help you.


Knowing what a personal injury is and how to make a claim is essential to save you the cost of bearing the expenses of damage caused by another person. You also have to understand that hiring a personal injury lawyer is the quickest way to get you compensated. However, not all lawsuits are won. You can lose a claim for a personal injury if you don’t engage a competent law firm. 

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