5 Things To Follow To Find Your True Love

Principally there are two forms of love: first love, or puppy love, which is a crush of sorts that sweeps you off your feet, and true love, which may not be as magical or thrilling as first love, but makes your heart settle down with love and assurance. True love is what everyone needs today — it is unconditional, secure, and reassuring. It may not be perfect for one’s expectations, but it completes the person who gets it.

Finding true love in the fast-changing world is challenging. It’s a long-term commitment that happens slowly, step by step, not in the flick of a second. Here is what happens when you enter an actual love situation.    

What Makes True Love?

Ever wonder how to know if it is true love between relationship partners? These points will guide you in matters of true love:

  • If your heart skips a beat each time, you think of the person.
  • Recalling a conversation makes you break into smiles.
  • This person likes to be always available to you for love and responsibility.
  • You see your future with this person.
  • You experience a range of emotions with this person, from extreme happiness to sadness, which is not puppy love.
  • There is a lot of give-and-take in your relationship.
  • You like to share your feelings and emotions with your significant other and want to take it to the next level. 

Now for five things to follow when in true love: 

  1. Be Genuine    

You must know your true self when searching for a life partner or soulmate. If you want your dream partner to love you consistently despite mood swings and limitations, you must first be willing to do that. Try to be authentic to yourself to be authentic to the one you love the most. Before browsing matchmakers, get clarity in your mind on the following questions: 

  • What are the reasons that make you happy?
  • What are the inspiring things you want out of life?

Although it is easy to get caught in a web of pleasing others and doing what seems popular, you may lose your knack for Genuity. Stay away from shifting your personality, or purpose to appease another person, as doing that won’t be true to yourself. In the makeshift world of today, people still get attracted to honesty and sincerity. So, get to know your deep self, and learn to act and speak authentically.     

Keep Yourself Happy

A negative state of mind is unlikely to attract the opposite sex. Look for ways to stay happy and radiate positive thoughts. Attaining happiness within will help you strike an instant appeal with strangers and help you find your love interest. 

Imagine seeing a sulky person at the workplace almost every other day. What are the chances of getting attracted to such a person? Almost negligible. Your smiling face and inner happiness will help you attract like-minded people and true love. Fulfilling love comes from two people coming together to share and enhance their beautiful lives. Love yourself before you get into a lasting relationship with your significant other. Add flowers, colors, and pets to your living space to appreciate the unconditional beauty of life and emotions.        

Step Out Of The Online Space

Yes, online relationships are surfacing more for the self-satisfaction of finding love. Such relationships fade away with time. Looking for true love is about finding real and practical people. Meeting and mingling with people in the real world means true love. Reality is knowing, sharing, and accepting the likes and dislikes of the significant other, hoping to find true love.

The virtual space we are in half-heartedly reveals one’s love and emotions towards the opposite sex. It does not help you disclose your hidden secrets. Night chats may become an obsession, but they don’t help you find your soulmate. Online portals can lead to distancing from relationships and real-life situations. To find your true love, consider meeting your love interest face-to-face to know the person better.   

Expand Your Social Network

Having fewer friends won’t take you anywhere. You must build friends and acquaintances to attract the right man or woman. Enlarging your social circle may increase your chances of meeting your true love. Attend parties organized by your friends or organization to stay in the circle. Go out with your friends on weekends. Join clubs of interest to you, such as book club, music, and fine arts, to help you interact with potential partners.

Being at the right place and with the right people will help you meet the right person made for you—exercise caution when choosing your circle of friends. The environment and the ambiance determine the person likely to visit and interact with people. If you don’t like pets, avoid visiting places that are pets’ meeting points. Similarly, skip hanging out with party animals if you don’t have a taste for a party-hopping love interest. 

Avoid Focusing On Physical Appearance

Looks fade with time, but personality doesn’t. Do not base your love interest on how good-looking the person is. External appearance is a bonus, not an essential. Look for someone you are comfortable with and happy to share your life with. Make values and character your prime aim and concern. True love is to find someone who respects you for what you are, regardless of age, status, or bonding. 

Find a love who is sensitive to the feelings of others and careful with words and expressions. You should feel secure in the company of your significant other, which is a huge responsibility for both of you.

Final Thoughts

Consider your friends’ or family’s opinion before confirming your relationship. When you are in love, you are head over heels. You may not think straight. Allow the people close to you to share their judgment on your true love before you say yes. Try to see their point of view and ask your heart and mind if you are still eager to pursue the budding relationship.
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