4 Cheap Options to Consider When Shipping Your Car or Truck

Shipping your car can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be out of your budget. By being flexible with pickup and drop-off dates you can save money working with an auto transport broker.

Enclosed transport may cost more, but its additional expense could save your classic or exotic car from exposure to weather elements – an invaluable advantage that is worth every penny for its extra protection. However, the following options are all viable and should be investigated, accordingly.

Table of Contents

1. Trailer

Vehicle shipping enables you to relocate your vehicle without driving it yourself, saving time, money, wear-and-tear damage to the car itself and providing more time for other tasks. Transport companies take care of logistics so you can focus on other important matters instead.

Vehicle shipping trailers come in both open and enclosed varieties, which will impact the price of services; open trailers tend to be more cost-effective, while enclosed ones often cost more. Distance impacts the costs – longer distance deliveries cost more per mile compared to shorter-distance deliveries; additionally inoperable cars will incur an increased shipping charge than operable ones.

To obtain an accurate vehicle shipping quote, it will require several pieces of information from you and provided to a transport company. These details include your car make, model and year as well as home and delivery the latter of which allows them to find the optimal route for shipping it.

When picking up your vehicle, take care to inspect it with your carrier and note any damage or scratches that have occurred. After this step is completed, sign the bill of lading to complete this process – depending on what season it is and demand levels are high, your vehicle could arrive sooner than you expect; typically this happens during summer when transport services become highly in demand.

2. Truck

Vehicle shipping companies use large trailers capable of holding multiple vehicles to transport yours over long distances. Most auto shippers offer both open and enclosed trailers depending on your preferences, while reputable firms often have access to an extensive network of top-rated carriers that they can leverage when scheduling a shipment; saving both money and making the process less stressful for you.

Cost of shipping your car by truck tends to be considerably less expensive than driving it yourself, especially for long distance moves. Driving yourself can be costly in terms of fuel, food costs and additional repairs along the way; moreover, shipping providers usually provide full insurance coverage.

Shipping your car also helps protect it from potential damage. Driving it yourself over long distances may result in scratches, dent, or other forms of harm to the vehicle; whereas using a transport carrier will shield it from such issues by keeping it off of the ground and away from debris and weather elements.

Vehicle shipping quotes depend on various factors, including the type of transport chosen, distance between locations and whether or not your vehicle needs to go door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. To receive accurate and cost-effective quotations from multiple providers, obtain multiple quotes before comparing.

3. Train

Transporting cars by train is an economical and environmentally-friendly solution to long distance travel, saving both time and money in the process. Rail transport reduces wear-and-tear damage on even the cheapest car shipping or even driving it over land – both of which can improve its condition over time. But this method may not meet all your needs depending on when pick-up/drop-off dates fall for pickup/drop off needs.


Amtrak’s Auto Train can provide vehicle shipping by train; this option may be especially appealing if you live near Lorton, VA (near Washington D.C.) or Sanford, FL (near Orlando). Unfortunately, this method will require both you and your vehicle to board one train together, taking longer than driving alone.

4. Driver

Many people worry about the costs associated with vehicle shipping, but in actuality it’s far less than anticipated. Personal driving companies will thankfully give you a quote that takes into account your specific vehicle information, pick-up/drop-off locations, and journey distance.

Researching different companies by comparing prices, customer reviews and insurance policies. Once complete, request quotes and narrow your choices down to one or two reliable carriers. Once prepared for transporting your car is then prepared.

This might involve removing personal items such as personal documents and cleaning the car prior to being loaded onto an auto carrier for shipment. Once ready for shipping, your worker will transport it from its storage location or other drop-off point to its carrier for loading onto its shipper vehicle carrier.

When it comes to car transport, the best option is a reputable company with a proven record of providing excellent services at competitive prices. No matter whether you need to ship an exotic sports car, classic vintage model, or your great-great-grandfather’s Model a Ford; professional help will make the process safe and stress free for you.

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