3 Reasons Why She Dumped You – Tips for The Broken Hearted Man

Getting dumped is the pits. It’s one of the worst ego blows that any man cand have to take, and some guys never get over it. When you get dumped, your mind reaches out for possible explanations for why these things occurred the way that they did. That might lead you to end up thinking the wrong things were responsible for her breaking your heart. You need to get a handle on what the truth is, why she really decided to end the relationship with you. IF you can do this, then you may be able to find a way to eradicate those issues and make her want to give you another chance. That’s a pretty good possibility if you are keen on getting back with your ex girlfriend anytime down the line.

For some guys, this is where the road ends for them. They cannot find a reason why she dumped them, and so, they just give up. They may reach the conclusion that they will never be able to get things right. Or, they may assume that because she dumped them, that there is no way in eternity that they will be able to get a chance to date her again. That does not have to be true for you, though it may be true for the guys who give up. If you are unwilling to give up on the dream of getting her back, then these next few tips are right up your alley.

Here are 3 reasons why she probably dumped you:

1) She felt claustrophobic being in a relationship with you.

There is an old saying about if you hold on to someone too tightly, then you will end up pushing them away. This happens more often than you might think it does. When a guy cares about a woman, it is his instinct to want to hold her close to him. The problem is when it is so close that she feels claustrophobic in the relationship, like she cannot be herself and do her own things she wants to.

2) She was cheating on you with another guy.

You know, women cheat almost at the same rate as men do. It’s true. And so, this is something that may have to be considered. Your ex girlfriend may have broken up with you because there was another man in her heart and in her mind. If that is what happened, then you may just be better off without her.

3) She caught you cheating on her.

It works both ways. If you were cheating on your ex girlfriend, then she may never come back to you. It was bad for her to find this out, and you have to pay the price. Hey, you want to risk your relationship? Then you need to be ready to pay the price for stepping out on her.

Learn what to say to your ex girlfriend and she just might come back to you.

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